Discounts according to olympiad results:

The discounts will be applied  according to the students performances at the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Informational Technology, Turkish Language, English Language, Russian Language, Romanian Language, Art, Music, PE, History and Geography.

  1. The discounts will be offered only for tuition fee
  2. The discounts will be available just for the next academic year
  3. If the students have several rewards at different subjects, they will benefit only from the highest result.
  4. The boarding, food, transport services and uniform are not included in the discount fees.
  5. The students that already benefit from discounts according to their results at Olympiads and competitions cannot benefit from others discounts.

Discounts and rewards for school performances

  1. The discount is valid only for one school year taking into consideration the annual average mark.
  2. In the High School the discount is granted to 15% of the number of students from the parallel classes, who are promoted. In the gymnasium the discount is granted to the first five students for their performance.
  3. The discount for the special results at the end of the year is granted for the next school year (it is reduced from the tax for the next year)
  4. The student who deserves more discounts based on his performance will benefit only from one .Other discounts will not be granted. For example: the student who was awarded a discount for the annual average will not receive a discount for his success at the Olympiad