We are very pleased to work in the Republic of Moldova, in the Private Educational Institutions of “Orizont”. We’ve been already working here for 27 years. This is where we make all the efforts to bring up and educate a successful generation.

During these years, our high schools have reached the peak in the development of primary and secondary education. The medals obtained at the National and International Olympiad and competitions; represent for us the remuneration for our daily work, for the purpose of systematic and effective education.

The basic objective of “Orizont” Schools is to guarantee a corresponding discipline and a high level of training. We care a lot about our students; they are the most valuable investment in the future of the Republic of Moldova.

The Primary School “Orizont” from Balti branch got started on September 1, 2014.

“Orizont” Lyceum from Ceadir Lunga was opened in 1992 in order to consolidate the friendship between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey, as well as to provide the opportunity for our children to receive a qualified education. Now 177 students are studying at this High School.

At “Orizont” lyceum from Ciocana there are 808 students. The school was established in 1999 at the invitation of Ministries of Education of the Republic of Moldova and Turkey.

The theoretical High School “Orizont” from Durlesti was established in 2010 at the initiative of the Turkish businessman concern, with noble intention to facilitate the educational process to Moldovan students in English language and to trace a bridge of friendship and collaboration between the two states. Those 220 students enrolled in this Institution continue successfully their studies.

The Buiucani branch was founded in 1993. Currently there are 400 students at this school.

Having your support, we continue to bring up educated and intelligent young people, what will promote national and international values, and we will be able to do all their  best for  their home country Republic of Moldova and as well as for the whole world.