Gala of Municipal Merit Awards 2021

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Gala of Municipal Merit Awards was held, in the City Hall. Chisinau Municipality in collaboration with DGETS,  awarded the students, who have obtained excellent results in learning and exceptional performances at municipal, national and international competitions in different educational subjects, including in the field of arts and sports. Among the award-winning students, there were also the students of Liceul Teoretic Orizont, Durlești branch.
– Andrei Adelina, XII Grade “B”
– Ursu Valeriu, XII Grade “B”
– Purice Victor, XII Grade “B”
– Teleucă Iulia, Xth grade “F”
– Ovidiu Duck, XII Grade “B”
– Patrick, XII Grade “B”
– Frija Marius, XII Grade “B”
– Cernatinschi Dan, 11th grade “B”
– Mocreac Valerian, XII Grade “B”
– Babuc Constantin, Grade X “A”
– Nicov Stefan, XII Grade “B”
– Sotropa Victor, XII Grade “B”
– Andrei Alexandru, XI B
– Griza Mădălina, XII grade “B”
Congratulations to the students for their outstanding performance and good luck in the future!!!!