Excellent Performance at English Confirmed by Cambridge

According to the agreement signed between University of Cambridge and Orizont High Schools,it was organized the first edition of international tests of YLE (Starters, Movers,Flyers),KET, and PET on the  12th /13th  of May 2018.The tests took place in Orizont High School ,the branch of Ciocana district.
The pupils that took the tests were from the primary  (Starters, Movers,Flyers) and secondary classes (KET, and PET) of Orizont High Schools.The total number of the participants were 160 .
 Our pupils were able to perform their high level of English  through different skills like speaking,reading,listening and writing. Each  participant received a certificate from University of Cambridge that confirms the score.
We are proud of the excellent results that are confirmed by University of Cambridge as well.