Choosing the best school for your child is an important decision to make since high school years are defining in the formation of the young adult personality. We all want a better world, and if we want a value-based society such as respect and professionalism, then it is good to invest in children’s education, to open their way to life, and to explore more horizons in order to know choose later.

The “Orizont” Theoretical High School will ensure the harmonious development of your child by providing education with the quality educational standards.

English is studied at a high level, so students are ready to take the Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS and other exams. Our institution is one of the Cambridge Examinations Centers, the exams being held in our school.

Science subjects including math and computer are studied in English from the 8th grade. The teachers who teach in English are certified with CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English).

The languages ​​studied in our school are: English, German and Turkish.

Teaching values in school helps students learn and practice healthy attitudes and behavior, such as respect, honesty and kindness. Our teachers reinforce these attitudes by modeling them for their students and encouraging students to behave in the same way.

Our school has a technical and material base which allows us to develop lessons in a modern way and to increase students’ motivation for creative-educational activity. All conditions for practical and research work of students provided by the curriculum are created.

Our school is actively engaged in volunteer work, in implementing projects to raise awareness among young people of healthy lifestyles, in organizing various events related to traditional holidays. Our students regularly participate and get places in competitions and Olympiads in the country and abroad.

The skills and experience gained during years of study allows graduates to successfully enroll in the most prestigious universities in the country as well as abroad.