The Theoretical Lyceum ”Orizont” Ciocana district was established in 1999 at the Ministry of Education of Moldova and  Turkish Republics initiative.

One of the Lyceum’s priorities is the qualitative education, that represents performed knowledge at all subjects, as far as the Curriculum concerns, stimulation of pupils’ creativity, intellectual education. Teaching in the Lyceum is performed in English, Russian and Romanian taking into account the national Curriculum in all the directions: The Science, the Humanities profiles, on the basis of moral-spiritual and cultural Moldovan traditions.


There are preparatory groups, in the Lyceum. The enrollment in the 1st – 9th grades is done according to a contest that takes place in May each year. The students are tested at the basic subjects: Mother tongue (Russian and Romanian) English and maths. Starting with the 1st grade, English and computer science is intensively studied, from the 3rd grade Turkish. In all the “ Orizont” Lyceums subjects like: maths, biology, physics, chemistry are taught in English starting from the 8th grade. Students of the 1st – 9th grades may attend meditation hours, where they do their homework under the guide of qualified teachers, thus having the opportunity to take part in different creative, developing activities.

A doctor and nurse activate permanently in the Lyceum. The four meals that include fresh and quality food are served in the school canteen.

The didactic staff is hired on the contest base out of this concern we have qualified and intelligent staff. A psychologist, a speech therapist, 2 doctors in sciences, 7 professors with the superior degree, 14 professors with the first didactic degree, 27 professors with the second didactic degree, 5 doctoral students and a trainer.

The modern Information Technologies are widely used during the lessons giving, thus, the possibility to obtain qualified, performed knowledge. Our students are winners of all the city, republican and International Olympiads at such subjects: The English, Russian, Romanian Languages and literature, history, geography, math, etc. Our graduates continue their studies successfully in the best Universities from Europe and USA.

Participating to the Debate Club in English is offered parallel to the basic studies, linguistic internship training abroad. Football, volley, chess, sports dances (hip-hop), robotics, painting and aerobic are extracurricular activities too.

Extracurricular activities combined with entertainment motivate the target of education, that develops psychologically our students.

Ahmet Bilgi

Director Liceul Teoretic “ORIZONT ” Ciocana Branch

Kîlîc Șakir


Șofron Larisa


Ahmet Bilgi


Tucan Lilea


Țurcanu Maria

German Language Teacher

Savva Olga

Profesoară de Limbă Germană

Rusnac Dimian

Biology Teacher

Osoianu Iulia

Profesor de Educație Muzicală

Roșca Natalia

English Language Teacher

Manoli Mihail

Geography Teacher

Graur Vasilii

Profesor de Chimie

Dolinschi Stela

Art Teacher

Chiochiros Natalia

Physics Teacher

Albot Mariana

English Language Teacher

Stratulat Alla

English Language Teacher

Platon Marcela

Mathematics Teacher

Oz Tatiana

Romanian Language and Literature Teacher

Nistor Svetlana

English Language Teacher

Nicolaeva Tatiana

Teacher of Art

Moșneagu Nadejda

English Language Teacher

Meleca Olga

Russian Language and Literature Teacher

Matveiciuc Adela

Physical Education Teacher

Mazur Victoria

History Teacher

Iliaș Natalia

English Language Teacher

Guțuleac Diana

Informatics Teacher

Gamureac Ludmila

Russian Language and Literature Teacher

Galeru Larisa

Romanian Language and Literature Teacher

Filip Galina

Romanian Language and Literature Teacher

Dodon Maria

Art Teacher

Curechi Valentina

Romanian Language and Literature Teacher

Cucoș Raisa

English Language Teacher

Cojocaru Zinaida

Physics Teacher

Cojocaru Viorel

Physical Education Teacher

Chirilov Ana

Romanian Language Teacher

Ceban Olga

Mathematics Teacher

Ceban Elena

Physical Education Teacher

Bruma Eugenia

English Language Teacher

Bostan Raisa

English Language Teacher

Boclincă Tatiana

History Teacher

Savițchi Ivanna

History and Civil Education Teacher

Bahova Ana

Music Teacher

Meșcereacova Nina

Russian Language and Literature Teacher


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Str. Mircea cel Batrin 10/2, Ciocana, Chişinau, Moldova
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