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Orizont Encourages Reading with SORA

First in Moldova, a digital school library, our students and faculty staff enjoy reading books with SORA, an online reading app, available in all digital devices. In our library thousands of ebooks and audiobooks are available in many languages and …

Patru Medalii în Olimpiadele Matematice Balcanice

Studenții noștri, Valeriu Ursu, au obținut medalia de argint, iar Adelina Andrei, Dan Cernatinschi și Victor Purice au obținut medalii de bronz la a 38-a olimpiadă balcanică de matematică. Olimpiada a fost în Cipru, a avut loc online între 06-10 …

Two Bronze Medals in International Chemistry Olympiads

Adelina Andrei and Valerian Mocreac obtained two bronze medals in 53th International Chemistry Olympiads held online and organized by Japan. 312 students participated to the olympiads from 79  countries. We congratulate our students and wish their successes continue.  

Two Bronze Medals in International Biology Olympiads

Our students Constantin Babuc and Andreea Cernei got bronze medals in International Biology Olympiads, held online between 18-23 July, 2021, with the participation of 304 students from 76 different countries. We congratulate our students and wish them their successes continue.

3 Bronze and 1 Honorable Mention in IPhO

Three bronze medals and one honorable mention were won by  Marius Frija, Stefan Nicov, and Victor Șotropa, in the International Physics Olympics. The contest was organized by Lithuania and was held online from 17-24 July 2021.

Three Bronze Medals and Two Honorable Mentions

Our students obtained bronze medals and honorable mentions in the European Physics Olympiad, edition 2021. The competition was organized by Lithuania and took place online from 19 to 26 June 2021. The bronze medals were obtained by Vladimir Purice, Ștefan …

Another Victory in IOI 2021

Moldova can be proud of another international victory! The young Victor Purice managed to get a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2021), which took place between June 19-25, in Singapore.