The profession is very important for students and parents. And the place they choose is a decisive moment. Thus, the choice of school, vocational training, and university is not left to chance.

At the Liceul Teoretic Orizont, the Vocational Counseling Department operates, providing university information and counseling services to the students who need get advise and make decisions.

After discussions with our teachers and specialists, our students get detailed information about study opportunities, universities, and the conditions for obtaining a scholarship as well as accommodation. During the meetings, the staff of our training department prepares the necessary papers, carefully analyzes the admission conditions, and represents our students when they are in touch with those from the interested universities.

Obtaining correct and essential information in the process of admission to universities abroad as well as successful application is the mission and purpose of the Career and Vocational Counseling Department. After graduating from school, we aim to inform about the problems and difficulties that our students might face in the future at different universities.

In our “Career and Vocational Counseling Department”, the process of choosing a profession and planning  future has become even easier.

It’s important how you start! The Orizont Theoretical High School has the mission to help you get started with the right!

Department of Career and Vocational Counseling


Identifying your job and lifestyle preferences is very important part of the career build-up process. What types of job would you like? When you are not sure what type of job you want an assessment test can help you to determine or narrow job options and that is best matches with your interests, talents, values and your characters.

Following test is prepared for you to able to select best choice for your future career. Defining and achieving your career target is not going to take place in one night. There are 168 questions required to answer all.  It should take 1-2 hours to complete all. Select the best intent 1 to 4 which will reflect your interest for each of the question.

After submitting all the answers you are going to receive an email about the result within few days. Only “ORIZONT” Schools students are permitted to have this test and result. Your personal information and answers will be saved and kept private by the system. They will not be shared with third parties. And you are allowed to have the test only once.

If you are ready click on the following link below and be patient to complete.

Career Assessment Test